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Fremont-Rideout Health Group is Now Rideout Health

Rideout Press Releases

Yuba-Sutter's Largest Healthcare Provider Streamlines Name and
Aligns Services Under Single Historic Brand

Rideout Health is the new name and umbrella brand for the Rideout Health Group, the largest healthcare provider and non-government employer in Yuba and Sutter counties. The new name was rolled out to Rideout Health's staff in an electronic "reveal" at 12:01 a.m. today.

The naming re-alignment comes as the non-profit is midway through construction of an expanded regional medical center in Marysville, anchored by Rideout Memorial Hospital and prepares for the opening of the expansion of its Cancer Center, operated in partnership with the UC Davis Health System.

The name was selected after it was the clear winner in a series of community surveys conducted in late 2011; members of the public as well as physicians, donors, board members and elected officials were invited to weigh in. "We were gratified to see how important the Rideout legacy is to the community," said CEO Terri Hamilton. "The Rideout name keeps us rooted in our history and mindful of our mission, while the streamlined brand is more easily paired with both clinical and business partners to expand healthcare resources for our patients."

During the transition, the legal name of the non-profit corporation will remain as before, with DBAs established for its various components, most of which will be renamed with the Rideout brand: Feather River Urology, for example, becomes Rideout Urology; Feather River Pain Management, Rideout Pain Management; Sierra Medical Equipment & Supplies becomes Rideout Medical Equipment & Supplies, etc. As new joint ventures and affiliations are developed 'Rideout' will be included in the various name.

Exceptions to the new naming protocol are several with a strong established presence in the community. Facilities on Rideout's senior living campus will retain their current names — The Fountains, The Courtyard and The Gardens — and Fremont Medical Center, which in future will be converted into offices for primary care physicians and outpatient support services will become known as Fremont Medical Plaza, by Rideout Health. The women's health and maternity services currently housed at Fremont will relocate to its own two-story unit in the new hospital building in 2015. Requests for proposals for the reconfiguring of the Fremont facility, which will include expanded parking, will be issued to construction companies this fall.

The familiar quails, appearing in the healthcare group's logo for more than two decades, remain part of the new brand, growing from two to three in number to represent the young, adult and senior patients served by Rideout Health. A print, online and TV advertising campaign featuring the new brand will begin running after Labor Day. TV spots will include a new song, "I See Your Spirit," commissioned by Rideout to be its corporate anthem.

The transition to the new name and logo will take place over the course of the next year; to conserve both money and the environment, branded materials will be replaced only as existing supplies are depleted.