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Howard Memorial Hospital Opens North Entrance Featuring Patient Registration Services and Information Desk



Date: March 29, 2011

Contact: Darcy de Leon
HR/Marketing Director
Howard Memorial Hospital

Willits -

 - Howard Memorial Hospital is proud to announce the reopening of its North Lions Entrance. The reopening of the front entrance and the addition of specially marked, timed parking spaces for outpatients needing Lab and Radiology services will enable patients to get in and out of the hospital with greater ease. HMH staff are working hard to ensure that the hospital is spending its dollars carefully in light of the fact that we should be moving to a new hospital by 2014. In the meantime certain renovations are needed to ensure that the current facility meets patient and staff expectations. 

On April 1, Patient Registration will relocate to the front entrance. In addition, there will be a new Information desk, hosted by the Hospitals Volunteers, and a new seating area which will assist in reducing noise and congestion on the patient wing.

HMH is proud to be a part of this community and we are working hard to continue to improve our patients experience, Kevin Erich, President & CEO of HMH said. We continue to strive to truly be Neighbors Helping Neighbors.