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The Fremont-Rideout Health Group Acquires New Medical Scanner to Image the Beating Heart

Rideout Press Releases

The Rideout Health Group has acquired the ACUSON SC2000, a machine that can provide healthcare professionals with "real time" images of the beating heart in continuous pyramid-shaped volumes that will capture the entire heart chambers and valves, as well as color flow detail.

"The ACUSON SC2000 volume imaging ultrasound system will give us the power to see more - instantly", said name, name, title. "

Acquiring this new system reflects Rideout Health Group's continuing commitment to apply state-of-the-art technology in a way that meaningfully improves care for our patients.

This is the first scanner of any kind to perform continuous full capture of the entire heart. Unlike traditional 3D ultrasound systems that require four to seven heart cycles to stitch together a volume, this system delivers instantaneous full-volume acquisition, which can lead to time savings and improved accuracy. This scanner allows immediate full volume detail in patients with irregular heart beats (arrhythmia) as well as in patients who are in heart failure, and cannot hold their breath. All of this is accomplished with ultrasound, which delivers no ionizing radiation, so it is perfectly safe and repeatable.

The scanner will be located at Rideout Memorial Hospital (place).

 "We're looking forward to helping many patients with the new medical scanner. This new technology is a significant addition to our diagnostic capabilities," says Name, Title