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SJCH Announces Historic Levels for Employee Giving Campaign, Benefiting the New Cancer Center

Philanthropy On October 10, San Joaquin Community launched the “When You Give…” Employee Giving Campaign to benefit the hospital’s new Cancer Center. Less than two months later, even the most optimistic of the hospital’s leaders couldn’t have predicted such a staggering level of success.

Of the 2,090 hospital employees (which does not include physicians), 1,612 – or 77 percent – made a donation to support the new Cancer Center – raising an amazing total of $501,342 in cash and pledges during the six-week campaign. In a hospital with more than 70 departments, 46 departments had 100 percent participation. 

“I’m overwhelmed and deeply moved by the generosity of our employees,” said Robert J. Beehler, SJCH president and CEO. “To me, the success of this campaign reflects the centrality of our mission, vision and values. Our employees passionately believe in Sacred Work and in always doing what is best for our patients and community. Everyone who gave will be part of the miracles of healing that will occur in the Cancer Center.” 

Throughout Governing Board member Chris Frank’s years of experience working with non-profits – which includes volunteering and leading the Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce – she’s been involved with many employee-based philanthropic efforts. None, she says, can compare with SJCH’s recent success. 

“Without a doubt, this campaign is historic for Adventist Health, but also for our community and on a national level as well. I’ve never seen anything like it,” Frank said. “Over the past 3-5 years, non-profits have suffered as philanthropy has been down amidst our economic turmoil. For our employees to step up with such force is indicative that they believe in our mission and the direction our leadership is taking the hospital.”

For The SJCH Foundation, achieving such a high level of support from hospital employees helps generate momentum as the staff begins to work in the community.|

“We still have more than $3 million to raise to help make the Cancer Center a reality in our community,” said Kevin Burton, Foundation president/executive director. “Knowing that our employees are behind us really sets the stage for going out into the community and asking individuals and businesses to join us in the fight against cancer.” 

You don’t have to wait to give. Call the SJCH Foundation at 661-869-6570 or go to to learn how you can join us in the fight against cancer today.