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SJCH Launches "Pray at 8" Campaign

Spiritual Care Beginning soon, the hospital will have prayers that can be heard through the overhead speakers at 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. every day. These prayers have been developed by the Mission Department at San Joaquin Community Hospital (SJCH) and are meant to be a source of blessing and encouragement to all patients, their friends and family, as well as SJCH employees.

“Studies have shown that when people are in the hospital, they believe that their spiritual well being has as much, or more, to do with their recovery as does their medical treatment, and they wished someone would offer to pray with them,” says Sandy Johnson, the executive director of Mission and Culture at SJCH. 

“We believe in the value and power of prayer, and so, as part of our Sacred Work, we are launching ‘Pray at 8’ – an opportunity for our staff, physicians, volunteers and community to pray for our patients and their families and for every aspect of our hospital,” said Robert J. Beehler, SJCH President and CEO.

“At SJCH, we are committed to being a place of healing and hope in our community,” Sandy Johnson said. “Holding our patients, each other and our hospital in our hearts through prayer will strengthen our resolve, deepen our compassion and help us remember that we are doing God’s work.”

The SJCH family would like to extend an invitation to the rest of the community to “Pray at 8” every day.