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Fremont-Rideout Fountains Resident Edith Belviso will Celebrate her 100 Year Birthday, August 25, 2011

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One hundred years ago, ladies wore hat and gloves to Church. Talking pictures had not yet been invented. And, television not yet imagined.

One hundred years ago, August 25, 1911, Edith Belviso was born. And, tomorrow, Aug. 25 at 3:30 p.m., family, friends, residents and staff, will gather to help celebrate her 100th birthday.

The party will be held at the Rideout Fountains Pavilion, 1260 Williams Way, Yuba City. Few (if any) guests will be wearing hats or gloves, but they'll all wear smiles!

Edith beat incredible odds and will join a special group of centenarians on her birthday tomorrow. According to the most recent statistics, only one American in 4,400 lives to celebrate his or her 100th birthday. Presently there are fewer than 71,000 people in the US who are at least 100.

"One hundred years of life is really something," says her granddaughter Gaye Oscarson, who has traveled here from Idaho with other family members, to celebrate Edith's big day.

"She had her hair done today for the big day tomorrow. And, she's excited that we'll be having cake for everyone at the party. A professional piano player will entertain us all, too."

Edith was born in 1911, outside of Sherman Texas. While still a young school-girl the family moved to California. Her first marriage was to Frank Peck. In the 1960s the couple moved to Gridley and opened a general store.

"My favorite memory of Grandma is when I came to visit her one day -- I was maybe 9 or 10 years old -- and she told me I could have anything in the store that I wanted. It took me an hour to decide. But, finally, I picked a stuffed poodle that had a radio in it. I have never forgotten this."

Frank later passed away.

In 1984, Edith married Mike Delviso. Later in life Edith and Mike owned Riverdale Resort on Hwy 101 and then opened a resort in Clearlake. "When Grandpa Mike passed away Grandma moved to the YC area," said Gaye.

"Grandma was quite the business woman. She has the most incredible big heart and has been a real inspiration of generosity to the whole family. I am Edith's stepdaughter's stepdaughter ... but she's my Grandma through and through!"