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They will not cure cancer, but they will warm the heart and body.

Rideout Press Releases

On March 30 at 3:00PM members of the Sutter Buttes Quilt Guild (SBQG) will donate 60 handmade quilts to patients at the Rideout Cancer Center - in the Cancer Center Library.

                Each quilt is lovingly handmade.

                To make the quilts, SBQG members cut fabric and batting and put together kits that include the design -- a simple old-fashioned comfort quilt -- which was chosen by Cancer Center nursing staff.

                Kits were distributed to guild members to sew. Each quilt was patched together with fabric donated from the Sew So Shop in Marysville. Members work at home or in small groups as well as at guild meetings to complete them.

                According to guild member and quilter Roberta Lomeli, "From start-to-finish each quilt takes about 10 hours apiece to complete. The quilts were made and are being donated to the cancer center as a tribute to our members and their families who have been touched by cancer and have received treatment at the facility. We want to let patients know that we care and that they are not alone. A quilt is something to hold close when all around you doesn't make sense. It represents comfort and solace and can brighten a patient's day."

                 "These quilts are wonderful gifts, but they also serve a more meaningful purpose," said Susan Vague, Director, Rideout Cancer Center. "Chemotherapy and other therapies for Cancer can leave patients feeling tired, sick and cold. We know our patients will be touched and extremely grateful for the warmth and comfort the quilts will provide."

                The Sutter Buttes Quilt Guild was formed in March 2005. Other SBQG community service projects have included, Hands of Hope, A Woman's Friend, Sutter and Meridian Fire Departments, the Fountains and the Sutter County Sheriff's Dept.

                "The Guild's motto: 'May the work of our hands bring comfort and joy to others,' defines the guild and its members beautifully -- they give so much," stated Vague.

                "We can always use community support," says Lomeli. To this end, the guild has designed a 'Sponsor A Quilt Program' for those who do not sew but who want to help with their community projects. A financial donation of any sort will go towards purchasing materials to make Comfort Quilts.

                For more information, write to Sutter Buttes Quilt Guild, c/o Community Service Project, P.O. Box 684, Sutter CA. 95982. Email them at Or fax, 530-237-8651. Be sure to provide your name and phone number; someone from the guild will contact you. Sutter Buttes Quilt Guild is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.