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WWGH Prepares for 2nd Versant RN Cohort


Walla Walla General Hospital is preparing to launch its 2nd cohort of Versant RN residents. Designed to prepare newly graduated nurses, this 18-week residency is a comprehensive evidence-based transition program that trains new nurses to be safe, competent and confident professionals.

The unique Versant RN Residency includes:

  • Clinical experiences with one-to-one expert preceptors (75% of program)
  • Classroom and skills lab education (25% of program)
  • Dedicated individual mentors
  • Support / self-care group meetings
  • Individualized rotation or “looping” to related units

WWGH is one of three hospitals in Washington State to offer this type of comprehensive RN residency program.

To find out about future residency opportunities contact Human Resources at (509)-527-8203.