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The FRHG and other local organizations and businesses are recognized for creating Tobacco Free environments in our community.

Rideout Press Releases On July 13, 2010, at a meeting hosted by the Sutter County Tobacco Control Program, several local organizations and businesses were recognized by the Sutter County Board of Supervisors for their proactive efforts in assuring that people in our community are not exposed to the deadly effects of tobacco.
                Rideout Health Group Chief Executive Officer, Terri Hamilton, was delighted to be included as one of the honorees at this event.
                "The Rideout Health Group is committed to creating a healthy environment for our citizens, our employees, and our visitors. We were happy to lead by example and to be a model of wellness and healthy living in our community. That is why on November 17, 2009, all Fremont-Rideout campuses became 'Smoke-Free environments! Thank you for honoring our commitment to this important policy." said Terri Hamilton, Fremont-Rideout CEO.
                FRHG understands that this policy is difficult for people who use tobacco, so we have made resources available for them through our Clean Break Program. These FREE classes are designed to help participants learn how to quit smoking or using chewing tobacco. Classes are held at The Heart Center at Rideout, Cardiology Education Room, 725 4th Street, Suite 200 in Marysville. For more information call 749-4458 or Bob Norton at 695-2846.