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What's Happening at SJCH?

Burn Care Featuring highlights on everything this month at San Joaquin Community Hospital.

Grossman Burn Center Hosts 2nd Annual Survivors Christmas Party
After a resounding success in its first year and a half, SJCH’s Grossman Burn Center and the Bakersfield Firefighters Burn Foundation will again host a Christmas party for local burn survivors. This year, there is even more to celebrate with the recent grand opening of the Burn Center’s in-patient ICU unit. The fun happens on Sunday, Dec. 5 at Bakersfield Fire Station 14 (5815 Mountain Vista Drive) from 4-6 p.m.

How to deal with double whammy of holiday treats & high emotions
The holiday season is here – and that means more than just sending out Christmas cards, shopping for gifts and picking out a tree. There is now a seemingly endless stream of tempting treats from now right through the New Year’s holiday. Combine this with the double whammy of additional emotions during the Yuletide season and you’ve got yourself a diet dilemma! The experts at the SJCH Wellness Center, however, can offer you some great holiday eating strategies. In fact, knowing about the psychological and emotional side of overeating during the holidays, they can help people take those strategies to a new level. There is a way to enjoy the the holiday foods; it’s just a different way – a healthier way.

A popular resolution for 2011: Get healthy & get weight under control
As a recognized Center of Excellence for Bariatric Surgery and a Gold Standard Program for Health Management Resources (HMR), SJCH’s Bariatrics Solutions program helps people reach their weight loss goals — through either surgical or non-surgical programs, including gastric bypass surgery and a medically-supervised meal plan. As we approach a new year, a common resolution will be to get healthy and get extra weight under control. We have so many success stories that can be shared – starting with our own Bariatrics Solutions staff. When meeting a prospective new client, each member of this team can truly speak from their hearts because they have been in their shoes. But because they went through the programs offered at SJCH’s Bariatric Solutions, they have a whole new outlook on life and new bodies to prove it!

Don’t let accidental burn injuries take the ‘happy’ out of your holidays
Although there is much happiness to be had during the holiday season, there are many safety hazards as well. Our experts at the Grossman Burn Center at SJCH are always available to offer burn awareness/prevention tips, including those that would revolve around the holidays. Whether it’s due to décor items, kitchen hazards or just being in the hustle and bustle of the holiday hoopla, burn injuries can occur in a split second. Children are especially susceptible. Help educate your viewers/readers about how to deal with potential burn injuries until they can be seen by a professional.