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Rideout Emergency Department Embraces the Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Rideout Press Releases

In early December 2009, the Rideout Memorial Hospital Emergency Department will transition from a paper based documentation environment to a nearly paperless, electronic medical record. 

Nearly three quarters to one million pieces of paper per year, which document patient encounters in the Rideout Emergency Department, will cease to be generated. Instead, the Rideout Health Group will enhance the experience of our patients and our health group staff by implementing the use of a complete emergency department information system or EDIS.  This system will serve as the data repository for all patient data that is captured during a patient visit to the Rideout Emergency Department.

"Rideout Health Group (FRHG) is committed to implementing cost-effective ways to enhance the use of advanced technologies in our healthcare system," said Rudy Zaragoza MD, Medical Director, Rideout Memorial Hospital Emergency Department. "The Electronic Medical Record system improves our ability to provide excellent medical care to our patients."

FRHG has chosen to partner with the Chicago based company, empowersystems, to implement its EmpowER ED, smart technology medical record system.  This electronic system is designed to enhance efficiency, patient safety, and best clinical practices through the use of powerful computer software.

Now physicians and nurses will be able to document all patient information into computers, which will allow them to share recorded information with one another instantly and effectively thus improving communication.

The new EmpowER system will also automatically retrieve previous allergy history, past medical history and home medications. The system will also track previous visits to the ED and provide our staff with information of what occurred on previous ED visits; a feature that will allow our health care providers to better follow an individuals clinical course and provide them with better care. At the end of a patients visit, the EmpowER system can even notify their primary care physician of the ED visit and provide them a detailed copy of the patients ED medical record.

At FRHG patient safety is always a top priority. By utilizing smart technology such as the new Emergency Department's EmpowER system, safer and more effective care can be delivered to our patients. Through various alert systems and alarms, our physician staff will be provided with recommendations regarding a patient's care. The EmpowER system possesses a Drug-to-Drug interaction program in addition to a drug allergy detection system. The system also alarms when a patient has abnormal vital signs or upon discovery of a critical value on a laboratory test.

Our new system will also provide the ED provider with clinical pathway recommendations and standardized medical orders in the ED that will create more standardized treatment plans for all of our patients.

FRHG is very excited to implement our new electronic medical record system, so that we may better serve our patients and deliver superior health care to the people we serve. This state-of-the-art program will enhance our ability to provide patients with the care they deserve.