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Birthing Services Get Even Better at TCGH


As part of its commitment to excellence in community health care, Tillamook County General Hospital is pleased to announce several recent enhancements to its Family Birth Place. In addition to the purchase last year of a new Panda infant warmer used to resuscitate and stabilize newborns in distress, installation is just wrapping up on a new state-of-the-art fetal monitoring system. The OBIX Perinatal Data System provides staff and physicians with improved monitoring capability by digitally recording and automatically transferring vital information about the unborn baby's health directly into an electronic medical record and providing additional safety "alerts" about abnormal situations that may be developing.

The process of giving birth to a baby -- commonly referred to as labor -- can be a strenuous time for the unborn baby as well as the mother. Complications can happen: fetal distress, compression of the umbilical cord, and insufficient oxygen to the baby (hypoxia), to name just a few. Sometimes a mother goes into pre-term labor, starting the birthing process before the baby is mature and the gestational time is complete.

That's why nursing staff and doctors use a fetal monitoring system to help them evaluate the baby's heart rate as well as the mother's uterine contractions throughout the labor and delivery process. This information, along with data about the mother's blood pressure, pulse and oxygen level, can provide early alerts about abnormal situations so that prompt action can be taken to guard the health and safety of the baby and mother.

Funding for this project was made possible by a three-way partnership of generous donations from local community members, grants from regional foundations including the Collins Foundation, the Siletz Tribal Charitable Contribution Fund, and the CHS Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation, and capital equipment funds from the hospital.

"These new enhancements make our patient care even better than before. Our hospital is proud to be a part of a community that makes excellence a priority, especially when it comes to investing with us in maintaining up-to-date medical equipment," states Larry Davy, CEO. "Our community can also be proud that even though our hospital is small and rural, its staff and services provide top quality patient care."