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The Fremont-Rideout Foundation recently donated more than $33k to Fremont Medical Center and 2 Central at Rideout Memorial Hospi

Rideout Press Releases

The funding allowed for the purchase of two non-invasive bladder scanners.


                According to Jan Frank, RN, Chief Nurse Executive, FRHG, "We're very pleased the Foundation has purchased the two bladder scanners for our facilities. This new equipment will help reduce the use of indwelling catheters. By scanning the bladder to assess for urinary retention, we can prevent unnecessary catheterizations and we will increase patient satisfaction."

About the Donated Bladder Scanners

The bladder scanners, valued at more than $15,000 ea, are portable, bedside units that allow hospital nursing staff to measure the amount of urine in a patient's bladder.

This non-invasive procedure is a more comfortable alternative to periodic catheterization and other methods that assess the volume of urine in the bladder.

The bladder scanner is particularly useful for patients who may have decreased urine output, or are suffering from urinary tract infections, urinary incontinence, enlarged prostate and other lower urinary tract dysfunctions.

The Rideout Foundation promotes philanthropic contributions that advance the mission of Fremont-Rideout Health Group (FRHG).  The Foundation raises money through Year-End Giving campaign, Heart Month, the Fairway to Health Golf Tournament and donations made for honorary or memorial tributes and community events.  Gifts to the Foundation are designated by the donor to a particular program or service, such as Hospice, or given to the 'area of greatest need'.