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Fab Five - SJCH Receives 5-Star Maternity Care Excellence Award for Fifth Consecutive Year

Awards & Recognition On July 16, San Joaquin Community Hospital received its fifth consecutive HealthGrades® 5-Star Rating and its fourth consecutive HealthGrades® Service Excellence Award.

The 5-Star Rating is given to hospitals who achieve excellence in four key areas of maternity care: delivery volume, cesarean and vaginal delivery complications, patient-choice c-section complications and neonatal mortality. Receiving this rating places a hospital in the top 15 percent in the nation for maternity care.

However, in being recognized with the prestigious Service Excellence Award, San Joaquin Community Hospital ranks in the top 5 percent.

And these numbers aren’t puffed up fluff.

According to Alex Peck, a consultant for HealthGrades® who presented the award to SJCH, it means fewer complications for you and your baby.

“If all hospitals performed at the level that San Joaquin performs at, over 188,000 fewer maternity complications would have taken place over the three-year period of 2004-2006,” Peck said.
On average, 5-Star Rated hospitals have 51 percent fewer complications for vaginal deliveries, 76 percent fewer for c-section deliveries and 54 percent less chance for newborn mortality.

The study, which also ranked other Bakersfield hospitals, found that San Joaquin was in the 17th percentile (the lower the percent, the better) when it comes to newborn mortality whereas all others were at least in the 87th percentile.

Simply put, coming to San Joaquin Community Hospital to have your baby delivered means giving your newborn a healthy start and ensuring you’ll be ready for the rigors of motherhood.

Bob Beehler, CEO of San Joaquin Community Hospital attributes this success to the excellence of the staff in the Maternity Care Center and is satisfied that their success is being recognized by others.

“This award is a tangible expression that we really are a top-quality hospital providing excellent service,” Beehler said. “It’s proof that what we think about our services is shared by others.”