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Community Partners with San Joaquin Community Hospital to Build Burn Center

Burn Care Burn victims are, unfortunately, not uncommon in Kern County. In 2007, accidents in our industrial facilities and homes accounted for more than 65 admissions to the Los Angeles-based Grossman Burn Centers’ Sherman Oaks facility.

As part of our mission to constantly work to better meet the needs of our community, San Joaquin Community Hospital has partnered with Los Angeles-based Grossman Burn Centers to open the first burn center in all of Kern County. World-renowned for their cutting-edge technique and compassionate, personal care, Grossman Burn Centers are famous for their low-mortality rate, and ability to physically and mentally restore their patients.

SJCH is pleased to announce the Aera Energy Fund administered by the Kern Community Foundation has made a donation of $300,000 to the help fund the outpatient clinic of the Grossman Burn Center at SJCH.

“At San Joaquin Community Hospital, it is our mission to continually strive to better meet the needs of our community,” says SJCH President and CEO Bob Beehler. “Thanks to a generous donation from the Aera Energy Fund, we are able to do just that by moving forward with our plans to bring a Grossman Burn Center to Bakersfield.”

The Aera Clinic at the Grossman Burn Center at San Joaquin Community Hospital is slated to open in December 2008.

“Aera is pleased to play a part in bringing a facility of the caliber of the Grossman Burn Center to San Joaquin Community Hospital,” says Aera President and CEO Gaurdie Banister. This will be an important health care resource for the entire southern San Joaquin Valley.”

Aera Energy LLC is one of California's largest oil and gas producers, accounting for approximately 30 percent of the state's production. With headquarters in Bakersfield, most of the company's production is centered in the San Joaquin Valley. Aera also has operations in the LA Basin and in Monterey and Ventura Counties.