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WWGH Receives Award of Excellence in Healthcare Quality


Walla Walla General Hospital received the 2007 Award of Excellence in Healthcare Quality from Qualis Health at the Northwest Patient Safety Conference in Seattle on June 12, 2008.

Qualis Health, a private non-profit organization dedicated to imrpoving the quality of health care delivery and outcomes, serves as the quality improvement organization for Medicare in Washington state. The Award of Excellence in Healthcare Quality recognizes organizations that have made significant contributions to health care through innovative, measurable improvements in care.

WWGH staff and physicians have focused continued efforts on improving the hospital's core measures, also known as the National Hospital Quality Measures. These measures represent evidence-based best practices and WWGH now consistently attains near perfect compliance in each of the core measure areas (acute myocardial infarction, heart failure, pneumonia and surgical care).

Compliance rates in 29 of the 30 measures monitored have reached 100 percent. The 30th measure is at 99 percent.

"This award is public recognition of the dedication to quality care that we live out every dat at Walla Walla General Hospital," says Monty Knittel, WWGH president. "We look forward to continuing to integrate these best practices throughout our hospital as we serve our community."