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Hospital Promotes Random Acts of Kindness Week


Community members are invited to join hospital staff in participating in Random Act of Kindness Week, February 11-17, 2008. The following are some themes and ideas for each day of the work week. Please feel free to create your own for Saturday and Sunday.

Monday: Be Part of God's Surprises
Start the day off by asking God to place someone that needs help in your path. When you feel the nudge on your heart to help someone, act on it, and you’ll be part of God’s surprise. Let your act be anonymous and give God the glory!

Tuesday: Be Kind to a Stranger Day
Commit an act of kindness to someone you don’t know and watch that person’s reaction.

Wednesday: Be Kind to Your Co-Workers and Pass It On!
Take the initiative and start a PASS IT ON card by performing an act of kindness to a co-worker and give them a card with your signature on the back. This will encourage the co-worker to pass on the act of kindness to another co-worker. The card is signed each time it passes through the hands of another employee. At the end of the day, the card is returned to the first person that signed it with the evidence of how many people were blessed by their one kind act.

Thursday: Be Kind to Your Community, Neighbors and Environment
Participate in the canned food drive located in the front lobby of the hospital (or any other food drive in the community). All canned goods will be donated to the Tillamook County Food Bank.

Friday: Be Kind to Yourself, Family and Friends
Take time to commit an act of kindness to your loved ones and friends. . . and don’t forget to be kind to yourself.

Recipients of Acts of Kindness can share their kindness experiences by emailing Brooke or Linda or write it on the "Share Your Experience" cards. The comments will be posted on the board in the hospital's front lobby.