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Howard Memorial Hospital cares about your safety!

Health Alert

Memorial Hospital cares about your safety!


Date: January 11, 2006

Willits, CA — There’s a new link on the Frank R. Howard Memorial Hospital website that informs our community about their healthcare. “We care about your safety!” is a short, five- minute video that can be
accessed from that talks about some very important healthcare topics that people tend to avoid.

Near the bottom of the web page, visitors to the HMH site will see a light blue rectangle that when clicked on, will take you to this video. Topics include getting involved with your healthcare and speaking with your physician about your health conditions. It discusses the importance of informing your physician of medications you take and if you drink or smoke. There is also a friendly reminder to wash your hands often to reduce the spread germs.

Howard Memorial Hospital cares about your safety. Please take a few minutes to view this important video; it may help you with your health! Howard Memorial Hospital is “Neighbors Helping Neighbors.”.