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Frank R. Howard Memorial Hospital Smoke-Free Campus




Date: January 10, 2006

Beginning January 1, 2006, Frank R. Howard Memorial Hospital became a smoke- free campus. The initiative was a year and a half in the making and proved, once again, that Howard Hospital is concerned about the well being of employees, patients and visitors.

Ongoing requests of employees and visitors prompted the formation of a committee to research and evaluate the possibility of a smoke-free campus. During 2004 committee members were asked to participate in this process and began research of implementation of the non-smoking campus. Many employees felt that we should be promoting health and wellness and one way to do this is by making HMH a smoke free zone.

All visitors, employees and guests are asked to leave the Howard Hospital campus if they wish to smoke. However, in-patients are provided with a designated area at the south end of the hospital complex. Although we want to encourage patients to “kick the habit” we felt that we need to provide an area for them to smoke without wandering too far from their room and their healthcare provider.

“This initiative is such an important one for our hospital,” says Patsy Broeske, long time HMH employee and American Cancer Society volunteer. “We are a healthcare facility, and it only makes sense to promote wellness. We offer incentives, classes and healthcare coverage to assist the employee in quitting. Even if it helps one person quit, it is a worthy cause.”

Thank you to our Willits community for your support of this initiative and remember the next time you visit HMH that we are smoke- free!