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State Of The Art Medical Equipment


State of the Art Medical Equipment


Date: December 18, 2006

Contact: Anthony Stahl
Director HR/Marketing
Howard Memorial Hospital

Willits - During the last months of 2006 Howard Memorial Hospital added more than $1.3 million dollars worth of the worlds finest medical equipment to its already state-of-the-art inventory. We have really wonderful equipment-the best, stated Carlton Jacobson, CFO of the hospital. Take a peek inside our hospital, and you will not only find a world-class service, but state-of-the-art equipment.

Several of the latest purchases are still being installed. We want to provide the very best for our patients, and give the best tools to our doctors, said Kevin Erich, president and CEO.

Right now we are just installing our new Hologic Selenia System Digital Mammography, stated Katie Hageman, Imagining Tech. This machine is highly accurate and is used with the mammo pad for the most comfortable experience possible. It is anticipated that the Mammography will be open to the public by mid-January 2007. The Selenia full field digital mammography system signals the beginning of a new era in the world of digital mammography. Selenia contributes to earlier detection, more accurate diagnoses, and better overall patient care.

Hageman added, Another exciting piece of equipment is the advanced Digital Bone Densitometry (DEXA). The DEXA determines bone density, and now can detect Vertebral fractures. Reviewing bone density is important in detecting osteoporosis. The new machine is fast, commented Hageman with a smile. Our old machine took 20 minutes to scan a patient. We can now scan in just a couple of minutes.

Other new acquisitions include the MRI Vital signs monitor, Echo (ACUSON Sequoia 512 Echocardiography System) and new towers for the operating room.

These additions will keep more people from leaving Willits to look for medical care elsewhere commented Erich. Our desire is to provide the very best care to our community.