Patient Stories

"I was 43 years old and almost 500 pounds. My daughters were in college, weren’t married yet, and didn’t have children. I want to be here when they get married and have my grandkids. That was my drive."
— Romeo Benavidez, Bariatric Surgery Patientatient

Romeo Weight Loss
Determined local man sheds nearly 300 pounds
with bariatric surgery and lifestyle change

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"I was only 37. My regular doctor told me that if I started having knee surgeries this young, I’d be having them the rest of my life. They said there’s nothing else they can do at this point. I just needed to lose weight."
— Ryan Davis, Bariatric Surgery Patient

Ryan Davis
Losing 200 pounds gave Ryan newfound energy
and relief from chronic pain.

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" I know everyone wants to do it natural. But it's hard, and this gives you a tremendous jump-start. It's like someone giving you a million dollars to start your own business."
— James Lacher, Bariatric Surgery Patient

James Lacher
Within the first year of his bariatric surgery, James lost 165 pounds.
He now weights 200 pounds—half his previous weight.

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