Our Affiliation with the UC Davis Cancer Care Network

Expanding your reach—to better treat your cancer

The more your oncologist knows about your cancer—and the tools available to treat that cancer—the better your healing will be. At the Adventist Health AIS Cancer Center, your oncologist will have an incredible resource: UC Davis.

UC Davis is one of only 41 cancer centers in the nation with the National Cancer Institute's Cancer Center designation. That makes UC Davis a real powerhouse in the fight against cancer.

We're part of the UC Davis Cancer Care Network, so we can bring all that power to bear on your cancer.

Up-to-the-minute cancer treatment knowledge

All oncologists are required to stay up-to-date on cancer therapies. But our affiliation with UC Davis lets us do a bit more. This partnership allows your oncologist to talk about your cancer with other cancer experts.

Your doctor might bring up your case during a virtual tumor board meeting, or your oncologist might connect with a colleague at UC Davis for one-on-one insights about therapies and solutions.

Even if your doctor doesn't talk about your cancer directly, learning and growth will still take place. Our oncologists attend weekly meetings with UC Davis staff via videoconference. Each week, they learn more about the challenges their colleagues face when fighting cancer, and each week they learn a little more about what works and what doesn't.

That means our team knows more about the front lines of cancer therapy than almost any other team you could access in the state of California. It's remarkable, and it's available to you.

Access to cancer clinical trials

The affiliation also allows us to offer clinical trials in oncology. Sign up for a study to tap into a new cancer treatment option, and let the results guide future cancer treatments your children or grandchildren could benefit from.

These treatments might be new, but you can be sure that all the treatment you'll get at The AIS Cancer Center is trustworthy. As an affiliate of UC Davis, we're required to meet rigorous quality measurements.

World-class cancer care, close to home

Very few hospitals in California are part of the UC Davis Cancer Care Network. In fact, we're 1 of just 5 hospitals—and we're the only one in Bakersfield.

In an interview with the Bakersfield Californian, Scott Christensen, MD, Medical Director of the UC Davis Cancer Care Network, said the partnership between The AIS Cancer Center and UC Davis is more than a marketing opportunity. It's more than a logo on a website. This partnership brings education and access to you, as a patient of our center. Dr. Christensen had favorable things to say about our vision and our work in cancer care as well.

We're providing Kern County cancer care with value the experts can see. We want you to see it for yourself. Make an appointment to see our Adventist Health AIS Cancer Center, and learn more about how we can help you to fight your cancer.