Virtual Tumor Board

A team of cancer experts, working for you

When you come to the Adventist Health AIS Cancer Center, you'll be treated by some of the best cancer experts in Bakersfield. But our team doesn't end at Kern County's borders. Thanks to our virtual tumor board program, your cancer team can include top-notch cancer specialists from around the country.

Your extended cancer team

The virtual tumor board brings together oncology experts from UC Davis and affiliated network cancer centers. The team meets via videoconference, and the expertise available on that call is truly extraordinary. You'll have experts from almost every field of oncology looking at your case and coming up with new solutions.

You can ask your doctor to present your case to the tumor board, or your doctor might choose to bring up your cancer treatment during a scheduled call. We also select patients at random for discussion in the board. There's no charge for this service.

If your case comes before the board, the cancer doctors might discuss your:

  • Medical history
  • Treatment history and new options
  • Test results
  • Eligibility for a clinical trial
  • Genetic counseling options
  • Cancer screening program

Every discussion gives your doctor a little more information and a good cancer treatment path to follow. That information makes your doctor a better resource for future cancer patients. It helps you, too, as that advice comes from the top oncologists working in the United States. The cancer care you get after a call could be even more beneficial.

A team approach to cancer treatment

It's hard for one person to stay abreast of every new bit of cancer knowledge and oncology research. A team can do that work much more effectively. During a tumor board meeting, your cancer won't be the focus of just one person and that person's education. Your cancer will be attacked by multiple people—all of whom might have different reading habits and different educational backgrounds.

That gives you broad-spectrum cancer knowledge. All of it could be applied to your cancer treatment in Bakersfield, right now. It's a benefit you can get at The AIS Cancer Center.