Interventional Radiology

Cutting-edge treatments for cancer

Imagine treating your cancer with an incision the size of your fingertip. If you have a procedure with interventional radiology at The AIS Cancer Center at San Joaquin Community Hospital (SJCH), this could be reality. And you won't need to leave Bakersfield to get that form of innovative cancer treatment.

Cancers nestled deep within your body are hard to reach without big incisions and long surgeries. But interventional radiology gives your oncologist a new cancer therapy option. These procedures marry the use of radiographic images, like X-rays or CT scans, with traditional cancer therapies. They allow your doctor to deliver effective cancer treatments without subjecting you to a major surgery.

Your interventional radiologist might use these procedures to:

  • Shrink cancer tumors
  • Destroy cancer tumors
  • Treat tumors in delicate organs, such as the lungs, liver and kidneys

An interventional radiologist can also help with complications caused by major cancer surgery. If bleeding, blood clots or expanded arteries complicate your recovery, they can be handled with interventional radiology procedures.

The best place for interventional radiology in Kern County

At The AIS Cancer Center, our imaging equipment is truly state-of-the-art. Our machines can provide your radiologist with clear, crisp images that help them deliver effective treatments. All of our surgical suites have intensive monitoring equipment, so your doctor can easily keep track of your vital functions as things move forward.

Your interventional radiologist will have years of experience in treating cancer. That experience can help your doctor to handle your tumors and your treatments with ease.

Helping you to understand your options

Interventional radiology is a new field, and it's understandable if you have questions about how it works and what it is meant to do. We are here to help.

Before any procedure, we will explain the plan in detail. You can ask as many questions as you'd like to ask. We will answer them completely. After your procedure, your interventional radiologist will tell you all about what happened, and you'll know just what to do to recover from your procedure. All of your records will head to your oncologist, so your treatment plan will stay on track.

To find out more about your San Joaquin Valley interventional radiology choice, call (661) 323-4673.