Chemotherapy and Infusion Center

Chemotherapy and infusion center

Infusion therapy involves giving medications intravenously (with a needle or a catheter). At the Adventist Health AIS Cancer Center, we deliver chemotherapy drugs in our infusion center. We also use infusion to deliver antibiotics, pain medications and other infusion treatments you might need as you fight your cancer.

Should you need infusion therapy, we're the best option available. Let us tell you why.

Infusion therapy in a healing environment

For many people with cancer, an infusion room becomes a very familiar place, as appointments often recur.

When you choose The AIS Cancer Center, you will be surrounded by comfort during each and every appointment.

If you're a nature lover, you'll enjoy our open rooms that are suffused with natural sunlight. You can chat with other people during your treatment, or just let the view take you away. If you prefer your privacy, we have rooms that are closed off and quiet.

No matter which room you choose, your nurse will be just an arm's length away, should you need anything.

Our infusion chairs are very comfortable for all body shapes and sizes. While you sit during your treatment, you can use a complementary iPad to read, watch, listen to or play anything on the web.

Your cancer chemotherapy team

While we provide infusion services for all sorts of medical conditions, many of our clients come to us in need of chemotherapy. Our infusion room is staffed by nurses that are highly trained in chemotherapy administration, and we have the only community-based, board-certified oncology pharmacist in the area working in our pharmacy.

Our team will work closely with your oncologist on your chemotherapy plan. In most cases, your oncologist will be right down the hall from the infusion room, so quick communication is really easy. When you choose The AIS Cancer Center, your whole team is on-site, working for you.

A typical chemotherapy infusion appointment

Most infusion treatments are complete within 90 minutes. We know you are busy and have other things to attend to, so we honor your time. Our wait time is, on average, shorter than 15 minutes. All of the medications we use are prepared on-site, too, which saves you time.

You can have your laboratory tests done on-site, and then settle into your chair for your treatment. If you need a short, quick injection, your family can wait in our comfortable guest area until your appointment is complete. Or they can come into the infusion room with you and talk with you during your treatment. It's your choice.

You can visit the gift gallery for snacks and drinks. Should you need help with transportation, we can also arrange that for you, so you can get home safely.

Contact us

Uncomfortable exam rooms and hours spent waiting in your physician's office are a thing of the past. Call (661) 323-4673 to schedule your next infusion appointment with us.