Nutritional Counseling

Helping you eat well throughout cancer treatment

Cancer can change your relationship with food. Some types of cancer impact your ability to smell, taste, chew or digest your food—and some treatments for cancer can eliminate your appetite altogether. Those changes are understandable, but when you can't eat, you won't have the strength to fight your cancer effectively. We can help.

At the AIS Cancer Center, we offer cancer nutrition counseling before, during and after your cancer fight. With our help, your appetite—and your body—will stay strong and healthy as you heal.

Nutrition counseling before cancer treatment

It isn't unusual for people to enter cancer treatment programs with eating problems. You might be a little thinner than you should be, due to a tumor's placement in your body, and that might make your recovery a little harder. You might also have changes in your sense of taste or smell, and that could make eating a little less appealing.

Before your cancer treatments begin, our nutritionists will meet with you and talk about your appetite, your overall health and your interest in eating. Together, you'll come up with a diet plan you can follow as treatment starts.

Nutritional support during your cancer fight

If your radiation or chemotherapy side effects leave you with little interest in food, we can help. When you explain how foods taste, smell or feel different to you, your nutritionist can teach you how to use spices, flavorings and other tricks to entice your brain into enjoying a meal.

Cancer therapies can also leave you feeling too tired to cook. Your nutritionist can help you learn how to plan ahead, so you'll have plenty of meals to eat on hand, ready to go.

Your nutritionist can also teach you how to prepare meals that won't be harmful for your digestive tract if it has been affected by your cancer therapy.

Meal planning during cancer recovery

When your cancer treatments are complete, your nutritionist will still be right beside you. Together you’ll build a cancer meal plan that helps you regain the weight you've lost during your fight. You may also talk about meal plans that might help to protect against a future cancer. No matter your goal, your nutritionist is there to support you.

To learn more about nutrition and cancer counseling at The AIS Cancer Center in Bakersfield, call (661) 323-4673.