Art Therapy

Find strength and peace through creativity

During cancer, you develop a whole new vocabulary with words you've never heard before. But there are some parts of the cancer experience that are hard to talk about. How can you express your cancer stress, survivor guilt, depression or other difficult feelings?

Professional, facilitated art therapy

Art therapy may help. A form of psychotherapy, art therapy is more than simply drawing, painting or sculpting. It's a form of expressive therapy that uses the process of making art to improve your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

At the AIS Cancer Center, we have a highly trained art therapy team that can help you make connections between the art you create and the feelings you have deep inside. You'll work through tough issues using your creativity, with our team by your side.

A cancer community to support and understand you

Art is personal—but art therapy can be communal. Our art therapy classes are held in a comfortable space that promotes sharing and collaboration. During your sessions, you'll be surrounded by other people who have cancer. You will also work with people who are in remission from cancer.

That combination of current cancer fighters and cancer survivors can help you to look at your health situation from multiple angles. That could give you a deeper understanding.

Art therapy for everyone

You don't need to be a great – or even a good -- artist to participate in cancer art therapy. Anyone, at any skill level, is welcome. All that's required is an open heart and a willingness to dig a little deeper into your emotions.

Classes at offered at no charge to people with cancer and cancer survivors.

For more information about the art therapy program, contact LaZelle Broida, Community Outreach Coordinator, at (661) 323-4673 or email