Soothe cancer side effects through free yoga classes

Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy are vital tools in the fight against cancer. They are also tools that can leave you feeling sore, queasy and unable to sleep. When you're facing cancer side effects, yoga might help. At the Adventist Health AIS Cancer Center, we offer medical yoga classes—for free—for cancer survivors and people undergoing cancer treatment.

The physical and mental benefits of yoga

MediYoga is a form of exercise that involves gentle stretches done in a slow and controlled manner. If you're struggling with weakness or joint pain due to your cancer treatments, the movements you do in yoga could help those issues to fade. Moving your body with yoga could also help you address nausea and other chemotherapy side effects.

Yoga can do more too. During your class, your instructor provides suggestions about your breath and your focus. Your muscles are working, but your mind is working too. You might feel more relaxed at the end of class than you did when the class started—and you could get a great workout at the same time.

Relaxed yoga made just for cancer patients

Our MediYoga classes are popular. People tell us that the classes have helped them to deal with physical and emotional difficulties caused by cancer—and many of these people come to class week after week.

Even with these glowing recommendations, you might have reservations. We understand.

Know that no one expects you to be a master yogi the first time you attend. And no one in the class will judge you for the way you move, breathe or look. This is a yoga class that's made just for people with cancer. You'll be surrounded by people just like you, and everyone will be there to get better. You can relax in our yoga for cancer classes.

Also, these classes are made for people who don't know anything about yoga. Your teacher will lead you through a series of movements or poses while you stand, sit or lie down. All of those instructions will be clear, so you'll know just what to do to follow along. You won't need to know any yoga lingo in order to fit in.

Your instructor will also keep your cancer and your comfort in mind. You won't be asked to do anything that causes you pain. In fact, your teacher can help you to modify any pose that's painful or uncomfortable for you.

Yoga classes you'll enjoy

We offer free medical yoga in Bakersfield to anyone who is a current or past patient of The AIS Cancer Center. Classes are held every Thursday, from 5:15 to 6:30 p.m. Space is limited, and you must register in advance. Call (661) 323-4673 to find out more.

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