Cancer Support Groups

Coping with cancer through the help of community

At the Adventist Health AIS Cancer Center, we offer a cancer support community. That means we do more than simply treat your body when you have cancer. We also look for ways to help your emotional healing. Cancer support groups play a big role in helping us to accomplish that mission.

Cancer help from your peers

Living with cancer means spending a lot of time talking with oncologists, radiologists and nurses. You have symptoms to describe, tests to schedule and medications to manage. You need technical advice in order to do everything just right.

Cancer isn't just medical, however. A cancer diagnosis can also impact the way you feel about your body, your family, your community and even your life. Your doctor can help with some of those changes. A community of peers might help in a different way.

In our cancer support groups in Bakersfield, you'll have a chance to meet other people who have cancer. You can talk openly about your cancer in these meetings. This is a safe space for you to talk, to get the support of others and to lend others your support. We'll have someone there to guide the meeting, but otherwise, this is a space for people who have cancer to talk with each other. You'll be amazed at how healing this conversation can be.

Cancer help for people you love

Just as a cancer support group could help you, it might also help your friends and family. We have a very special meeting just for people caring for a loved one with cancer.

Everyone who goes to these meetings is caring for someone with cancer, and everything said in these meetings is kept confidential. Some people use these meetings to brainstorm caregiving solutions. Others just look for emotional support. Whatever your caregivers need they can seek out in these meetings.

There is no charge for attendance in a support group meeting, but seats are limited. We also have meetings in Spanish. To learn more, call (661) 323-4673.

Learn about our available telehealth classes and support groups.