Children’s Immunizations FAQ

Get to know our Children’s Mobile Immunizations Program

Q: How old does my child have to be to receive immunizations through your mobile clinic?
A: We provide free immunizations to children ages 6 weeks through 18 years old who are medically eligible or have no insurance coverage. We cannot provide immunizations to children who have insurance coverage but can perform hemoglobin testing to all children regardless of health coverage.

Q: Do I need to call and make an appointment in order for my child to be seen?
A: No appointment is necessary. We see patients on a first-come, first-serve basis. Immunization cards are required.

Q: Do you provide free hemoglobin testing?
A: Yes, we provide free hemoglobin testing with a referral from WIC, a school and/or a doctor. Referral must be accompanied by child’s immunization card. We also provide free hemoglobin testing for pregnant mothers who have a referral.

Q: How often do you have clinics?
A: Clinics are typically held Monday through Thursday each month at various locations. However, clinic sites and locations are subject to change without notice. Call (661) 869-6740 to inquire about the clinic sites at any time.

Q: Do you close the clinic at exactly 2 p.m.?
A: We close all clinics at 2 p.m. We may stop registering (accepting) patients 30 minutes prior to closing time, but we will see all patients who have already been registered before leaving a clinic site.

Q: Do you ever have any late clinics?
A: Yes, we offer one late clinic per month. These are normally held the third Wednesday of every month, 1–6 p.m.

Q: Can the Children’s Mobile Immunization Program print a copy of my child/children’s immunization card?
A: Yes, if they are a current or returning patient, but when requesting copies of immunization cards, please call (661) 869-6740 prior to coming out to a clinic to pick them up.

Q: If my child was born at Adventist Health Bakersfield (formerly known as San Joaquin Community Hospital), can I obtain a copy of my child’s immunization card/record from the Children’s Mobile Immunization Program?
A: No, if the child was born at San Joaquin Community Hospital and the parent needs to obtain the immunization card/record, they will need to go through the hospital’s medical records department.

Q: If I cannot take my child to the clinic, can I have a friend or family member take my child to your clinic? If I am a foster parent, can I take my child to your clinic?
A: Yes, but if you are not the parent or legal guardian, you need to have a written consent from the parent for every visit giving you consent for your child’s treatment. You will need to show your identification card for each visit. If you are a legal guardian or foster parent, you must have guardianship papers and your identification card with you at every visit, even if you have been to our clinic in the past.