Pharmacy Residency Program

Program Description

The Post Graduate Year 1 (PGY1) residency program at Adventist Health Bakersfield adopts the ASHP PGY-1 standards to provide a rich learning/practice experience in advanced clinical practice. Residents in the PGY1 residency program at Adventist Health Bakersfield are provided opportunities to further develop competence in patient care, pharmacy operational services, and leadership.

Residents will strive to achieve both the goals and objectives in accordance with ASHP standards as well as personal goals set at the beginning of the PGY1 experience. These goals and objectives will be achieved through completing a total of eight rotations lasting five weeks as well as longitudinal rotations completed over the course of the year. During each experience residents will complete various activities pertaining to pharmacy practice, patient care, management, leadership and education.

Our residency program is tailored for the individual and emphasizes development of advanced pharmaceutical care skills. Residents completing their residency at Adventist Health Bakersfield will gain confidence in these skills and be prepared for the next steps in their pharmacy careers.

Core Rotations:

  • Orientation
  • Internal medicine I
  • Infectious diseases
  • Internal medicine II
  • Critical care

Elective Rotations:

  • Emergency medicine
  • Advanced infectious diseases
  • Cardiology
  • Advanced critical care
  • Oncology
  • Administration

Longitudinal Rotations

  • Pharmacy practice management
  • Staffing
  • Project and research management
  • Teaching

Duration of Program: 1 year, full-time residency
Number of Positions Available: 2
Starting Date: July 5, 2021


Allison TenhouseAllison Tenhouse, PharmD, BCCP
Residency Program Director
Critical Care Pharmacist
Adventist Health Bakersfield