Nursing at Adventist Health Bakersfield

At Adventist Health Bakersfield, we understand your passion. When you set out to become a nurse, you didn’t do it just to pay the bills or punch a timecard, you entered the world of health care because you have the heart of a healer. Good news — healing is what we’re about too.

At Adventist Health Bakersfield, our staff and caregivers live and breathe our culture of Sacred Work, where need is met by love and every interaction is considered sacred. While people don't always get better, we believe that through compassionate nursing, healing can always occur.

Our Culture of Healing Offers

  • Opportunities to work in a variety of specialties, including emergency care, intensive care, specialized burn care, cancer care and maternity care.
  • A culture of shared governance, where nurses are actively involved in creating their own day-to-day work experience.
  • Numerous leadership and growth opportunities at a growing and well-performing organization.
  • The RN Residency Program for new graduates.
  • The chance to be an integral part of our Sacred Work.

Adventist Health Professional Practice Model

Adventist Health professional practice model - patient and family as the focus of our practice

What is a Professional Practice Model?

The Professional Practice Model adopted by Adventist Health represents the complex role of the professional nurse. Our professional practice model has a two-fold purpose:

  • To define and support nursing control over the care environment and the delivery of care
  • To capture the values, goals, and relationships that define the professional nursing identity

Why is a Professional Practice Model important?

Our Professional Practice Model helps us describe, guide, unify, and measure nursing practice throughout our organization. Our Professional Practice Model promotes professional identity, job satisfaction, high quality and consistent nursing care, improved quality of patient and family outcomes, and enhanced intra and interdisciplinary communication.

For additional information download our brochure and full size model.

If you'd like a chance to be part of a thriving hospital, with many opportunities to grow and achieve your professional goals, click here to begin the job application process.