Access to medical care

Connect to the right level of care when you need it

Adventist Health + Karla includes an initial health and well-being assessment which includes COVID-19 and other health screenings. Daily check-ins prompted by Karla, your virtual coach, will look for changes in your individual health. If at any time, it looks like you may need medical attention, a referral to the appropriate level of care will be recommended.

Primary Care Physician

If you need medical care and already have a doctor you prefer, our coordinators will refer you to your primary care physician. Our referral coordinators will follow up to make sure you are scheduled either with an in-person or virtual visit.

Urgent Care

If it is determined you need access to urgent care, you might be referred to Adventist Health OnDemand, a network of U.S. licensed physicians specializing in internal medicine, family practice or pediatrics who are available in minutes. The Adventist Health OnDemand doctors can diagnose, treat and prescribe medication for non-emergency conditions via phone. No appointment necessary. Learn more (Links to AH OnDemand on

911 Emergency Care

If it is determined you need access to emergency care, 911 will be called right away so you get access to emergency services as quickly as possible.

Any medical care provided by physicians or other health facilities will be the responsibility of the individual or member.