Adventist Health Plus Karla

Take control of your physical, mental, social and spiritual health and well-being

We’re all rooting for scientists to discover treatments and a vaccine for COVID-19, so we can return to being able to move freely without fear of coronavirus. Even though we all understand the importance of keeping a physical distance away from others, this doesn’t mean we have to do it alone. That’s why we created Adventist Health + Karla, a program designed to help you get the support you need when you need it most.

Our expert counselors and Karla, your virtual coach, will help you monitor your health, learn new skills and hone your existing skills to adapt to this situation, so you can stay healthy, safe and connected.

You’ll take a few short health and well-being assessments. This helps our team establish a baseline for how you’re doing physically, mentally, socially and spiritually.

One of our care coordinators will call you within 1 business day to review your results, introduce you to Karla and get you started with next steps.

Physical: If you aren’t feeling well and need medical attention, our care coordinator will refer you to the appropriate level of care. If you need medical care and already have a primary care physician, our coordinators can help connect you. Our care coordinators will follow up with you to ensure you were able to schedule a visit either virtually or in-person.

Mental: The 4 Weeks to Connect counseling program can help build skills in coping with stress, anxiety and uncertainties which are increasingly common in today’s unprecedented environment. Between sessions Karla, the platform’s virtual coach, offers interactive support, advice and reminders to keep you on track with goals set with your counselor. After the 4 Weeks to Connect program, counseling services can be extended for an individual at a per visit rate.

Social: After we get to know you, you’ll be offered a connection to a 12-week virtual Moai, a small group of 8 – 10 people who shares similar goals and gets together virtually to connect, grow and socialize. The activities each week vary. Based on Blue Zones® learnings, the social connection can have a lasting impact on longevity and well-being. Social services needs identified during assessments or daily check ins will trigger a referral to appropriate local resources and follow up from our coordinators.

Spiritual: Available later this summer, Adventist Health Plus Karla will offer access to chaplains who can provide spiritual guidance, comfort and support to you no matter what your faith or background.

All of our chaplains are empathetic and supportive, providing the motivation and accountability you need to reach your goals. A chaplain can:

  • Offer spiritual care and support in the midst of a personal crisis
  • Guide meaningful practices like prayer and meditation

Each day, Karla, the platform’s virtual coach, will check in to screen for COVID-19 symptoms and see how you’re feeling. Between sessions Karla offers interactive support, advice and reminders to keep you on track with set goals. Karla will also send you reminders to practice the skills and activities you discussed with your counselor.

We’re looking forward to meeting you!

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