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Meet Karla

Get support when you need it most

Karla is a virtual coach designed to deliver support when it’s needed most. If you’ve ever tried to change your habits or behavior, you might relate to learning about the new behavior, but when it’s time to use the new skills it can be easy to forget. Learning and adopting new skills is hard but Karla is here to help.

Karla will support you every day:

  1. Check in to see how you’re feeling and monitor you for COVID-19 symptoms
  2. Deliver information, activities or prompts for practicing new skills
  3. Send specific prompts and messages to you to support the work you are doing together with your counselor

Here are some examples of how Karla supports people when they need it most:

  • You told your counselor that you’d like to spend 10 minutes in the morning doing some exercise. The next morning Karla sends you a link to a video of stretches.
  • You told your counselor that you have trouble remembering to take your medication with dinner. That evening Karla sends you a reminder to take your medication.
  • You told your counselor that you miss the book club at the library. Karla sends you some online book clubs.

You’ll interact with Karla mostly through the Karla app. Think of the app as Karla‘s home. That’s where Karla is most of the time, but occasionally Karla will venture out and send you a text message or ask you some questions through a website.

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