About Adventist Health Plus Karla

Empower yourself to take control your whole health

Adventist Health and Synchronous Health have partnered to develop a new direct-to-consumer solution for aging members of our community. The result of this partnership is a new service, Adventist Health Plus Karla.

Adventist Health Plus Karla was born out of a vision that recognizes that older adults want to stay healthy – mentally, physically, socially and spiritually as they age, however, only 17% of adults consider themselves in a state of optimal health.

Adventist Health Plus Karla leverages technology, the science of behavior and key insights about adults to give members personalized, actionable tools to monitor their physical, mental, social and spiritual health and provide coordinated access to solutions to manage it.

In the face of the Coronavirus crisis, Adventist Health Plus Karla is very timely because it focuses on the interconnectedness of our physical, mental, social and spiritual health and the importance of well-being – all delivered from the safety and convenience of your home.