Take control 
of your whole

Improve your physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being

We engage with you every day. It starts with thorough health and well-being assessments. Through daily check-ins, prompted by Karla, our experts look for changes before it impacts your life. By connecting you to the right kind of care with the right providers and resources when you need it, your health and well-being goals are within your reach.

Keep on track with Karla, your virtual coach

You can’t see Karla, but you can talk to her by phone. She checks in with you every day to ask you about your health and your life. She offers suggestions to keep you on track and connects you with our licensed professionals who work with you over time to help you stay connected, on track and in control of your whole health.

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    Physical Health: Managing your health just got easier

    Daily check-ins prompted by Karla help our team monitor changes in your physical health. This is especially helpful in screening for COVID-19 symptoms. If you need medical attention, our referral coordinators will refer you to the appropriate level of care with a physician of your choice, whether it’s for an in-person or virtual visit. 

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    Mental Health: 4 Weeks to Connect helps uncover and manage issues

    Our 4-week resilience counseling program connects you to masters-level counselors who can help build skills in coping with stress, anxiety and uncertainties which are increasingly common in today’s unprecedented environment. Between sessions Karla, the platform’s virtual coach, offers interactive support, advice and reminders to keep you on track with goals set with your counselor. 

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    Social Health: Connect with others with a virtual Moai

    Based on Blue Zones® learnings about the importance of social connection and its impact on longevity and well-being, these small member groups who share similar goals meet weekly to connect, grow and socialize.

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    Social Health: Access resources in your community

    Our team is always looking out for you. If through our health and well-being assessments or your daily engagement with Karla, we identify you have other social needs, we’ll refer you to your local community’s trusted sources for social services and resources.

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    Spiritual Health: Access to spiritual resources no matter what your faith or background

    Available later this summer, Adventist Health + Karla will offer access to chaplains who are empathetic and supportive and can provide spiritual guidance, comfort and support to you no matter what your faith or background.

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    No cost to elderly adults during COVID-19 crisis

    As part of our commitment to protecting our communities during the COVID-19 crisis, Adventist Health is offering this service at no cost to adults age 60+. It’s our way of empowering individuals and our community to realize their health goals and bring affordable consumer health and wellness within reach.

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    Who’s Karla?

    Karla is your virtual coach. She’s designed to deliver support when it’s needed most. She’ll check in with you every day, she’ll monitor your health and symptoms for COVID-19, deliver information, activities and prompts to help you learn and practice new skills between visits with your counselor.