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Why is DRMC making this change?

While DRMC is thriving, its leaders want more for their employees, physicians, and community. Being part of a larger healthcare system will increase the hospital’s and community’s access to benefits, resources, services and expertise and will ensure a better future during a time of rapid change in the healthcare industry.

How did DRMC choose Adventist Health?

With the help of an outside healthcare consulting firm, DRMC leaders requested affiliation proposals from various healthcare systems. They chose Adventist Health because that organization is most closely aligned with the medical center’s mission, vision and values. Adventist Health also offers expertise in rural agricultural communities, with eight hospitals and medical offices in more than 30 communities in Central California. In addition, Adventist Health has demonstrated both business and healthcare excellence, with a long-term S&P bond rating of AA and award-winning hospitals, such as Adventist Health Bakersfield, which was named one of the Top 35 U.S. General Hospitals by the independent Leapfrog hospital safety organization.

More information about Adventist Health

Why is Adventist Health interested in Delano?

Adventist Health is honored to have been selected by DRMC and is excited about this opportunity to live God’s love in this important area of California with an organization that is well-aligned in both mission and community focus. Delano Regional has a remarkable heritage and has demonstrated innovation in growth and community outreach, as evidenced by its recent opening of an outpatient pavilion and its recognition as Community Partner of the Year by the Central Valley Farmworkers Association. In addition, Delano lies between Adventist Health’s Bakersfield and Tulare service areas, a location that provides great opportunities to expand services. DRMC also has demonstrated its ability to not only survive but excel in a challenging healthcare environment and enjoys a very strong financial profile, according to S & P.

What will happen to Delano Regional employees?

DRMC employees are critical to the hospital’s success, and the agreement calls for keeping all employees in good standing in the current structure for a minimum of six months after the transaction closes. Adventist Health does not anticipate any significant changes in the employee population or management structure, simply because DRMC already operates lean and very efficiently.

In other transitions to Adventist Health, such as in Tehachapi, Reedley and Marysville, Adventist Health retained all employees, subject to background checks as required by law for patient and employee safety. Employees will keep their years of service for pay scales, paid leave, retirement and other benefits.

Adventist Health is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes people of all faiths and backgrounds. More information about Adventist Health benefits.

What will happen to Delano Regional physicians and other providers?

The Delano Regional Medical Staff is an independent organization that is responsible for the quality and safety of provider services in the hospital and other licensed services. Hospital care policies and medical staff changes must be approved by the Delano Regional Medical Staff. Adventist Health will follow all laws related to its relationship with the Delano Regional Medical Staff and providers.

What will happen to Delano Regional leaders?

Delano Regional Medical Center President Bahram Ghaffari and Chairman / CEO Bill Noble are committed to a smooth transition for team and community members. They plan to retire in 2019 and will remain in leadership until the transaction closes. Adventist Health will select an interim president to support the transition and lead and support the Delano team after the hospital joins Adventist Health.

What will this mean for Delano-area patients and community members?

Delano-area patients and community members will gain the resources and expertise of a large healthcare system while preserving their personal, hometown care. The agreement requires Adventist Health to build a new 12-bed labor and delivery facility, a project estimated to cost more than $35 million. In addition, Adventist Health will invest an estimated $15 million in improvements for earthquake safety and $5 million in information technology. The nonprofit organization also has agreed to spend more than $830,000 annually in community benefit services and will be looking for opportunities to expand services in the community.

Adventist Health and DRMC are committed to a smooth transition for patients and community members. Adventist Health has extensive experience in bringing new hospitals into its family.

An independent assessment of the impacts of Delano Regional joining Adventist Health is posted on the Delano Regional website.