Corporate Services

Adventist Health offers additional services and partners with affiliates on various programs such as Clinical Engineering and TelepharmacyWest.

Clinical Engineering

Adventist Health Clinical Engineering Services provide quality clinical technology services for Adventist Health and our healthcare community, which include a variety of healthcare providers within California, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii.

Our Healthcare Technology Management Services promote the safe, effective and efficient support of all medical equipment within the diagnostic imaging, clinical laboratory and biomedical domain through:

  • Prepurchase evaluations of clinical equipment
  • Current, accurate and separate inventories of all medical equipment in the Medical Equipment Management Plan
  • Acceptance testing of new, loaner, rental and demo equipment prior to initial use
  • Quality-control testing
  • Maintenance strategies that establish risk criteria and inspection intervals using equipment function, physical risks, manufacturer recommendations and incident history for all equipment on the inventory
  • Oversight and implementation of required actions in response to hazard and recall notices
  • Assistance to risk managers in providing technical data for Safe Medical Device Act reporting
  • Assessment and reporting of equipment management problems, failures and user error
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of the Medical Equipment Management Plan
  • Project management
  • Corrective and planned maintenance

To learn more, please contact us at

Central/Northern California
Jeffrey May, regional manager
Phone: (209) 536-3832
Fax: (559) 658-5286

Southern California
Daniel Adams, regional manager
Phone: (818) 409-8435
Fax: (818) 546-5662

Pacific Northwest
Mike Philpott, regional manager
Phone: (503) 251-6340
Fax: (503) 261-6727


TelepharmacyWest was established by a grant from Pacificare/UnitedHealthcare to help rural hospitals create sustainable pharmacy improvements.

Our seamless telepharmacy service works closely with small and rural healthcare institutions to provide compliant, cost-effective and efficient pharmacy services.

TelepharmacyWest, is the only nonprofit telepharmacy service located on the campus of a hospital and backed by a team of pharmacists who are always available. Our telepharmacists are trained and work in an accredited, Six Sigma pharmacy environment under the supervision of a clinical pharmacy director and a program director. We offer a standardized response time for medication review and order entry with back up staff immediately available if necessary — 24/7/365, we are here for you.

TelepharmacyWest provides a monthly intervention report that provides details about activities on your orders by our telepharmacists enabling you to maximize the safety and efficacy of drug therapy. We also archive all orders for a minimum of three years as mandated by the Board of Pharmacy. Our service is secure and HIPAA-compliant. Our service also can provide guidance on formulary management and inventory control helping to improve cost savings in your pharmacy.

TelepharmacyWest Program Director
Adventist Health Glendale
1509 Wilson Terrace
Glendale, CA 9102-4007
(818) 409-8022