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Class of 2023

John Asenjo, DO- Resident Physician

John Asenjo Originally from Bronx, New York. Dr. Asenjo completed his medial degree from Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine-New York. He chose Adventist Health Tulare because it is an area where the need for young, quality primary care Physicians is great.

Joel Asunto, MD- Resident Physician

Phyu Wai Lwin

Originally from Isabel, Leyte, Philippines. Dr. Asunto completed his medical degree from Saba University School of Medicine, Caribbean Netherlands. He chose Adventist health Tualre because he

like the diverse community in Tulare, it has excellent schools, close proximity to national parks, and easy access to bigger cities, making it a perfect place to live.

Shiveta Cherwoo, MD- Resident Physician

Shiveta Cherwoos Orignially from Jammu, India, Dr. Cherwoo completed her Medical degree from Acharya Shri Chander College of Medical Sciences and Hospital, India. She felt a lot of satisfaction by serving the underserved patient population in Tulare county. The love that patients blessed me here with is indescribable. Their love made me stay in the area and seek further training to serve them better.

Joseph Maddela, MD- Resident Physician

Alvin Vanegas Originally from Bakersfield, CA. Dr. Maddela completed his medical degree from American University of Integrative Sciences School of Medicine. He is thrilled to be serving in the Central Valley, my home community, throughout residency and beyond. I love Tulare for its small-town feel and proximity to my hometown of Bakersfield.

Melody Nameni, DO- Resident Physician

Nameni Originally from Washington D.C and Houston, TX, Dr. Nameni completed her medical degree from Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine. It was the wonderful weather, beautiful landscape, and proximity to just about every type of outdoor activity and adventure that drew her to the central valley. The small-town feel, friendly citizens, and farmers markets were a great advantage as she loves fresh produce.

Christopher Terzian, MD-Resident Physician

Christpher Terzian Originally from Pasadena, CA, Dr. Terzian completed his medical degree from St. George’s University School of Medicine. “Southern California is my home. However, I think my family and I might have better opportunities in the central valley as I see its growth potential”. He feels comfortable moving to the Central Valley because it’s safer, and more affordable; moreover, he seeks a more rural setting for training because of the chances it offers someone like me who wants to be able to see and learn more than he might if he was in a metropolitan area of California. All in all, Dr. Terzian is quite optimistic that he’s made the right decision by moving his young family to the central valley.

Class of 2024

Shareefa Begum, MD — Resident Physician
Post-graduate year: First Year

Shareefa Begum Originally from Chicago, IL and Houston, TX, Dr. Begum completed her medical degree from University/ Deccan College of Medical Sciences. She strongly believes that in a smaller town like Tulare, she would get to claim the community as her own and build meaningful relationships inside and outside of work. She feels that her knowledge of the population, knowing and building a rapport with the people will make her an excellent physician.

Mandeep Kaur, MD — Resident Physician
Post-graduate year: First Year

Mandeep Kaur Born in Chandigarh, India and raised in the Bay Area, Dr. Kaur completed her Medical degree from American University of Antigua College of Medicine. She chose Tulare as it gives small town, friendly environment, opportunity to help the underserved population, and still being close to home in Bay area.

Patrick Matian, DO — Resident Physician
Post-graduate year: First Year

Patrick Matian Medical School:
A.T. Still University School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona
San Jose, California
Why did you choose Adventist Health Tulare?
I came to the Central Valley for the second through fourth years of my medical school education. I fell in love with the people here and making a difference in the community. I also have a personal investment in the central valley as my partner grew up in Ripon, CA, and being able to give back to communities similar to hers is unmatched.
I enjoy golfing, biking, cooking, hiking, soccer, and drone photography.

Otito Odiakosa, MD — Resident Physician
Post-graduate year: First Year

Otito Odiakosa Medical School:
University of Nigeria College of Medicine
Enugu, Nigeria
Why did you choose Adventist Health Tulare?
Central Valley is famous for its bountiful fruits and vegetable produce. I love its beautiful weather, small-town feel, and family friendliness. I lived in Southern California for the past few of years, and I am excited for the opportunity to move here with my family.
I enjoy singing and dancing to good music; Fun DIY projects: braiding, beading; Cooking savory dishes; Personal development enthusiast (books, podcasts, ted talks).

Yiuing Pinches, MD — Resident Physician
Post-graduate year: First Year

Yiuing Pinches Medical School:
University of Perpetual Help, DALTA, Jonelta Foundation School of Medicine
Monterrey Park, California & Honolulu, Hawaii
Why did you choose Adventist Health Tulare?
The breadbasket of California, a state near and dear to my heart, is abounding with fresh dairy, quality meats, nuts and cheeses. The farmers and ranchers that work hard to provide these delicious foods also need excellent care; physicians that can empower their lives toward health equity to immigrant and underserved populations through Family Medicine, to help build new relationships, and give those in the Central Valley a resource they can depend on.
Cooking and innovating nutritious and delicious meals for other people is one of my passions. I live to see their faces light up from each bite with the knowledge that the food that they eat is going to heal, not harm their bodies.
I revel in athletic competition. It brings me joy to achieve fitness together with family through tennis matches, cycling, running and swimming races. We’ve run 10Ks in Seal Beach and Barbados, biked 20 miles for the farmer's market, and swam competitively for medical school.

Oliver Sabalboro, MD — Resident Physician
Post-graduate year: First Year

Oliver Sabalboro Medical School:
Our Lady of Fatima University College of Medicine
Loma Linda, CA, USA
Why did you choose Adventist Health Tulare?
I love the close proximity to many great national parks as I am able to enjoy and appreciate nature much more. In addition, the quiet, pleasant areas that the Central Valley offers along with the privilege of being a part of a program with excellent leadership are major reasons why I chose to train at Adventist Health Tulare.
Participating in church, enjoying nature, cooking vegetarian cuisines, reading and hanging out with family & friends.