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Tulare Family Medicine Residency

Adventist Health Tulare Family Medicine Residency Program aspires to educate confident and competent family physicians who are capable of providing comprehensive, compassionate full-spectrum patient-centered medical care. Our board-certified faculty join our multidisciplinary care teams and sponsoring institution to role model a collaborative, evidence-based approach to coordinated care.

Our philosophy of family medicine is one that addresses the physical, spiritual and mental aspects of our patients’ health to promote and maintain overall wellness for our patients and their families, friends and caregivers. This all-encompassing approach allows us to look beyond the science of biology to treat disease and address the healthcare needs of the whole community while respecting the diversity and uniqueness of the individual members who comprise the beautiful fabric of Tulare.

We value and work with one another to live God’s love by inspiring health, wholeness and hope. We believe we have been given a special opportunity to make a meaningful and lasting impact and strive to honor that opportunity. As stewards of our individual blessings and our knowledge of family medicine, we believe it is beholden upon us to further primary care research in order to effectively propagate the maximum benefits of our commitment to our residents, our patients and the community at large.

Furthermore, rather than graduate residents who are replicas of one another, we encourage our young physicians to fulfill their unique potential. Our contributions to the collaborative learning environment we build will support them as they embark upon the individual journey toward their calling.

Please join us in this rewarding endeavor!

Raul Ayala
Raul Ayala, MD, MHCM
Designated Institutional Official

Jerry Neria
Jerry Neria, MD
Interim Program Director