About the Hanford Community

Patient Population

Our patients are drawn from a variety of ethnic and cultural groups, including Caucasian, Hispanic, African-American, Portuguese and Asian.

Recreational Opportunities

Hanford is a wonderful small community with many local activities and lots of small-town charm. It is centrally located to all of the major attractions and recreation. Hanford is three hours from Southern California and the Bay Area. Yosemite, the Sequoias and the beautiful Central Coast are less than two hours away.

About the Selma Community

The city of Selma is centrally located along Highway 99 between California's two largest market areas. The community sits 207 miles north of Los Angeles and 209 miles south of San Francisco. It is within convenient traveling distance to major metropolitan areas and the recreational areas of the Sierra Nevada and California's coastal region.

Selma is a progressive, growing community that strives to retain small-town qualities and lifestyle. Its quaint central business district has continued to thrive downtown, and its five other shopping areas, including major retailers, provide the complete shopping experience for the wide range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds that make Selma an all-american city.

Photos of the Hanford Area

Hanford Area The beautiful Sierra, including Yosemite National Park, is just two hours east of Hanford while the Pacific Coast is two hours west. San Francisco and Los Angeles are also short drives away for convenient day or weekend trips.

  • Hanford Civic Center The Hanford Civic Center is among the beautifully restored buildings in downtown Hanford.
  • Old-fashioned Carousel An old-fashioned carousel in downtown Hanford delights children and adults.