Under the Sea 2018 Gala

Foundation Gala

Central Valley Health Foundation's

30th Annual Charity Gala

Thursday, October 25, 2018

The Market Place (Kings County Fairgrounds)
801 South 10th Ave., Hanford, CA

Inspire Hope Project

Proceeds from the 2018 Gala will benefit the Central Valley Health Foundation’s Inspire Hope Project. In partnership with World Vision, a global Christian humanitarian organization, this project provides the opportunity to lift those in the Central Valley out of poverty by assisting with basic needs of food, clothes, and household items. This project aims to bless individuals beyond the walls of our healthcare facilities by collaborating with community organizations to expand our reach. Through your generosity we will be able to continue making a difference and touch the lives of those most in need.

Sharing the Vision

At the year's Gala, you will be inspired by Marilee Pierce Dunker, ambassador and second daughter of the founder of World Vision. She travels the globe speaking on behalf of children affected by poverty. With her gift for storytelling, Marilee is able to bring to life the remarkable stories of people she has met. She will share stories, pictures and personal reflections bearing witness to the extraordinary ways God is using His people to share the gospel and care for the poor.

World Vision is a nonprofit organization founded in 1950 by Bob Pierce. Their transformational work puts a name and a face to the overwhelming issues of our time and empowers ordinary individuals to make a difference. Marilee says "World Vision isn't about programs - it's about people." Adding that she finds deep satisfaction in Connecting People in need with those who have the ability to touch lives and make a difference.

If you are interested in learning more about this event, download an information packet
or call the Foundation at (559) 537-0760