Hospital Initiatives

Nursing Scholarship Fund

This fund provides financial assistance to employees pursuing a nursing career. Assisting the next generation of compassionate, caring nurses helps to ensure we will continue our mission –Living God’s Love by inspiring health, wholeness and hope!

Inspire Hope Project

As part of the Inspire Hope Project, World Vision works with retail and wholesale businesses to connect surplus items with nonprofits in communities who can distribute these items directly to the families in need. Central Valley Health Foundation partners with more than 85 nonprofit community partners that identify families and organizations in need and arranges for the delivery of quality goods to those in need.

Mobile Clinic

Specifically designed to make access to care easier for rural and remote communities, this free mobile care program will provide basic health care, screenings, immunizations, and checkups to field workers, remote communities without access to care, homeless, school groups, and wherever else we are needed! For more information, please visit: