Board of Trustees & Administration

Our administrative team is committed to delivering high quality health care to our community.


  • Andrea Kofl Andrea Kofl
    Central Valley Network
  • Randy /dodd Randy Dodd
    President, Tulare
  • Raul Ayala, MD Raul Ayala, MD
    Medical Officer
  • Frank Gavini, MD Frank Gavini, MD
    Medical Officer
  • Tim Haydock Tim Haydock
    Financial Officer,
    Central Valley Network
  • Diane Hoyt Diane Hoyt
    Quality & Patient Safety
  • Nina Plata Nina Plata
    Population Health
  • Sonja Reyna Sonja Reyna
    Business Development
  • Laurie Taggart Laurie Taggart
    Patient Care Executive
  • John Zweifler, MD John Zweifler, MD
    Medical Director
    Adventist Health Plan
  • Willie Ewing, MDWillie Ewing, MD
    Chief of the
    Consolidated Medical Staff

Governing Board Members

  • Wayne Ferch, Chair
  • Xavier Avila
  • Ramiro Cano
  • Miriam Cardenas-Aleman
  • David (Bud) Dickerson
  • Richard K. Ellsworth, DO
  • Tanya Fisher
  • Kenneth Gibb
  • Robert Hansen
  • George Johnson
  • Andrea Kofl
  • Mary Ann Landis
  • Adam Mackey
  • Gloria Pierson, RN
  • Nicholas Reiber, MD